How to take a great tap2focus photo?

  1. Tap on the Camera button to take photo.
  2. While keeping your phone stationary, tap on points in screen to focus and snap photo at that point.
  3. (Repeat step 2 as many times as you like)
  4. Tap done to save your photo.

Pro Tips: Works best if you can compose your scene first, so that there's different objects that are different distances from you. i.e. some very near to you and some further away. Start by tapping the nearer object, optimally, this should makes all objects further away blurry. After snapping a photo of this near object, proceed to tap on object that is far away, this should makes near objects blur instead. Snaps as much photo with different focuses as you want. Note that you should always keep your device stationary. Hold your device steadily with one hand, don't move it, and tap on the objects in the scene with another hand to change the focus.

More Pro Tips: Disregards everything in the previous pro tips. There's actually more ways to make tap2focus photo (Ever consider a game of hide-and-seek? tap the monkey? try also different orientations in one photo) Just go experiment and have fun ;)

FAQ and Such

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